Olympic Day 1 – Feb 13

alekss6On Saturday me and my Dad went downtown to see Olympic stuff. At Lonsdale Quay we saw the giant Russian ship – it really was a pirate ship! Me and my Dad looked it up on the internet. It was Awesome!

Then we took the new Seabus to downtown – me and my Dad made a list of what we saw:

Russian Ship – Lonsdale Quay –  The ship is really cool – I took some photos of it!

Pan Pacific Hotel – Native Exhibit – It was really cool. I took a picture of a carving and a lady carving necklaces gave me a really cool fish necklace.

Olympic Couldron – Me and my Dad couldn’t get close because there were to many people. It has a pretty big fence around it. We are going to go back next week.

Robson Square –  The zipline is really awesome – my Dad tried to get me to go on it – I said NO! They have an ice rink and there was a band playing. The line up for the Art Gallery was giant so we are going to go back in the week. There were a lot of people everywhere it was awesome.

Aboriginal Pavilion –  The line up was giant so we are going to go back in the week. The building is really cool – it looks like a big ball.

CBC Building –  They were filming hockey guys – we watched for a couple minutes. I got a CBC pin and a Canadian Flag. Awesome!

LiveCity Yaletown: Me and my Dad walked down to this spot but it was a huge line up. We are going to go back in the week.

Yahoo FanCouver: This was my favorite place of the day. They have free hot chocolate that was really good. FanCouver is in Yaletown – it was awesome – they have Wii games to play and free computers. A note from Dad: Lots of free access computers and they have charging stations!

We walked a lot and I had lots of fun – there was so many people. The line ups were to big so me and Dad are going to go back in the week.

My Photos of the day:

Russian Ship >

Yahoo FanCouver>.



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