LiveCity – Feb 17th

Samsung Pavilion - LiveCity YaletownWednesday was awesome! Me and my Dad went downtown. It was so sunny. We walked and walked.

My Dad and I made this list of what we did:

Vancouver Library – I went to an Olympic display with a bike that is a taxi from India and this really cool little house. My Dad tried to tell me about the little house called an Ashram.

I have these pictures I took >

Granville Street – In the middle of the street there are these cool arts and alot of lanterns. Want to see the pictures>

Livecity Yaletown – We had to line up but not for long. In the line up a man from America gave me some cool pins from other Olympics. I am going to take pictures of them. I had to empty all my pockets like at the airport to get in. My Dad and I played cool games in one building and I made a snowboard. The lady that made food gave it to me and my Dad because I have a pass. That was really cool. I had Chinese food and it was free. I took a lot of pictures.

Pacific Centre –  I got a pin with an apple on it and a pin with a leaf. I took a picture of a polar bear that looks like it is made from snowballs.

Friday night when it is dark we are going to see the lights..

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